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Forms can be downloaded,completed and returned by post to: 8,Walnut Walk, Polegate,East Sussex BN26 5AD or emailed to:

Please ensure all completed paperwork and payments reach us by 

TBC – Thank you.

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Terms and Conditions 2019

Steampunk Traders Booking Form 2019[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

EBS Steampunk Festival.
Provisionally Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th September.

Instructions for Traders.

The Eastbourne Bonfire Society Steampunk Festival will be taking place between
the Bandstand and the Wish Tower encompassing the upper beach ,
promenades and the Wish Tower slopes. All traders to enter on to the site by the
RNLI museum opposite Carlisle Rd.
Please note that we are at the mercy of the weather and would ask that all
stallholders ensure that their Tents/Gazebos are weighted down. Domestic
Gazebos are not to be used. As with all open air events, traders take up pitches
at their own risk and no refunds will be given due to adverse weather conditions.
The Nature of the seafront location means that everybody gets access to high
footfall and a flat pitch with easy access.
The fee Paid is for pitch only : there are no facilities for water or power supply for general stallholders .
Stalls must be in keeping with the spirit of the event . We would ask traders to
dress in Vintage/Steampunk/Victorian clothing .
Generators must have had a safety check within the 12 months up to Sunday
8th September 2019 this must be demonstrated by a certificate .
Any Trip hazards must be removed from the foot area of their stall both inside
and in front . This must include trailing electric cables/guy ropes and other devices to weigh down Gazebo/Tent.
A fully completed risk assessment must be returned by the End of August . If an organiser feels that the risk assessment cannot be complied with . The
stand/display may be stopped.
If your stall is situated beneath the overhead strung lighting please take care
when setting up your Gazebo/Tent.
Only pre-arranged/ prepaid stalls may trade..
All appropriate food hygiene and safety regulations and legislation to be
complied with-certificates must be provided to EBS, and displayed on your
stand. (copies of certificates to be sent with booking form and fee.)
We ask that all stall holders if they smoke not to do so in their Gazebos, near
food stalls or gas bottles.
This is for Health and safety reasons as well respect for the public.
If you wish to smoke please make sure you do it safely and reasonably .
Set up time is from 6.30am on 7th September, please when sending in your
booking forms indicate what type of vehicle you will be arriving in please.
We need you to unload and remove your vehicle as quickly as possible to make
room for others arriving. All vehicles must be removed by 8.30am at the latest .
Vehicles should be parked on Marine Parade . Feel free to trade as long as you
wish up to 5pm on Saturday. All items you are selling must be packed away
and not left in your Gazebo /tent , as we cannot be responsible for overnight
security You may sleep in you vehicle or Gazebo overnight but you do this at your
own risk. You may dismantle your stall on Sunday at 5.00pm , all vehicles and
stalls must be removed by 6.30pm.
As this is a music event with street entertainers and bands at the wish tower , No
loud music emanating from stalls will be allowed .
Please do not sell anything to children which makes a loud noise as this can
spoil outdoor events, do not to sell knives or blades unless licensed to do so and not to under eighteens.
Please make sure you dispose of your rubbish/litter before you leave the festival
or please take home with you.
Also under new fire regulations , we must ask ALL stall holders to have a 1kg fire
extinguisher to hand on their stall .
We hope you will have an enjoyable time and a successful weekend.

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 or email us[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]